Personal data on the ticket (transfer) can be changed:

- in the Going app. (available on Google Play and AppStore) (account must be registered using the e-mail address provided at the time of purchase)

- on the website:

In the application, in the 'My Tickets' tab, you will find all tickets that are assigned to the indicated e-mail address. Just select the ticket you want to transfer, view its details (by clicking on it) and click the 'HAND TICKET OVER TO ANOTHER PERSON' button. The recipient receives an e-mail with a confirmation button. By confirming the receipt, the user is redirected to the information page about the ticket being transferred, as well as the amount to be paid as part of the transfer (the order price includes the ticket price, service fee and handling fee for the ticket transfer service). Mark the required consents and confirm receipt of the ticket. The user is redirected to the payment operator's website where the payment for the order should be made.

After paying for the ticket, the person transferring the ticket receives a refund (within 2-3 working days), less the fee for transferring the ticket (PLN 10).

If not accepted within 72 hours, the ticket will return to you and the pass-on will be canceled. Frequent causes include a typo in the e-mail address of the recipient or a confirmation message being in the SPAM folder.

The new owner doesn’t need to have an app account. 


If the tickets for the event are zero PLN tickets, during transfering the ticket (if it is allowed) we charge 10 PLN from the new owner.

If the ticket has been paid for via eCard or Paymento, the transfer is free. All billing remains outside of Going. However, in the case of transactions paid with BLIK 10-13 months earlier (this time depends on the user's bank), we will receive a notification of an automatic refund error and we will ask you to send the account number.

You will not pass tickets to another person in our app if:

- they were purchased using Empik Premium,
- a request for an invoice was selected during the purchase,
- a discount code was used when purchasing,
- the event organizer does not allow to do it.

In case of problems, please send us your question through this form.